I feel blessed and obliged to convey my message as the Principal of NaICE The Primary School. The child centric teaching learning process at the school brings out the hidden talents of children. The wide range of learning experiences help them take a step towards becoming an ideal and responsible citizen of tomorrow. We aim at life skill and language development by exposing them to various curricular and co-curricular activities. We assure a free and non threatening environment, so that a child can express and develop to its optimum. We at NaICE consider students and staff as a family and are committed to take responsibility of welfare and development of this family. Our mission is to together shape destiny with joy.

Dr. Kinjal Bhatt



  • Previous School records.
  • Entrance Test – to check the learning level and learning skills of the students.
  • Three pass port size photographs.


  • Fees payable in two semesters across one  academic year.
  • Refund Policy : Fees once paid will not be refunded.
  • Transportation / Uniform charges not included in fees.
  • Study / Cultural Programmes are extra chargeable.

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  • Parents should observe all the rules and regulations of the school for the educational enrichment of the child.
  • Parents should check the communicator of the child everyday and follow all suggestions given by school authority or teacher.
  • The prescribed uniform is compulsory for every student. Neatness and cleanliness in appearance is imperative.
  • School will not be responsible for expensive items which may be lost by the child in school premises.
  • Don’t punish the child at home or threaten for sending him/her to school.
  • Don’t send child to school if he/she is suffering from fever or any other viral infection. Inform the school authority about the illness of the child.
  • The teacher must be informed if the child remains absent for than 15 consecutive days or else his/her admission will be cancelled.
  • Encourage your child to develop faith in his teacher and take pride in his school.
  • If the parents want to cancel the school vehicle facility or want to migrate from the school they must inform school authority at least one month in advance otherwise fees for the month will be charged.
  • Parents should inform 15 days in advance if any changes regarding school vehicle arrangement are required.
  • parents can meet the principal or the teachers with prior appointment only.
  • If a student violates school rules knowingly, the school authorities may take disciplinary action in order to maintain discipline and smooth progress of the educational activities.
  • In case of single parents the school authority must be informed.
  • Parents have to accept the fees structure and also the changes that may take place in future. Co-operation is desirable on parents’ part.
  • Rights are reserved with the school authority for the cancellation of admission.
  • The students are expected to bring almanac every day.
  • Students must be polite, courteous, respectful and disciplined inside and outside the school
  • Take good care of your books, stationary, uniform and personal belongings.
  • Be punctual and regular in work habits.
  • Be responsible towards school property and other’s property.
  • punctuality in school attendance is compulsory.
  • Students must keep school and classroom clean.
  • Share your day’s experience positively with your parents.
  • Students are not allowed to wear any cosmetics, perfumes or jewellery in the school.
  • Participation in all kinds of activities is compulsory for students and parents.




            Three languages are taught English, Hindi, Gujarati.
The literacy strategy is followed for exposing the children to various methods to master the essential skills of the language like  reading, comprehension, writing, vocabulary, spelling, grammar etc. children are encouraged to read widely and write creatively  thereby contributing towards their intellectual growth.


The numeracy strategy followed enables the children to learn different mathematical skills at their own pace and speed. In addition, emphasis is given on concept building, mental maths and problem solving skills.


The curriculam includes the right blend of the living science, physical and material sciences. The students are encouraged to learn through practical experimentation, investigation and exploration.


The curriculum includes History, Civics and Geography. Plenty of documentary shows, research work etc.. are carried out to make the students familiar with the major historical events worldwide with focus on the essential elements of Indian history. The topics in geography is taught through project work linked with practical experience wherever possible.


Drawing, Painting, craft, music and drama are  taught independently as well as a part across the curriculum. Children are given opportunity to learn many styles of art and also experiment with their imagination to develop their own style.


Both theoritical and practical teaching is carried out for computer as a subject. Technology is closely integrated in teaching methodology across the curriculum.


Three sessions of physical education is carried out per week in the form of Yoga, Karate and Games. Sports day is arranged to inculcate healthy competitive spirit, sportsman spirit and an attitude to learn to appreciate.